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Trick Shooting with the iPhone 4

Posted by | 1:00 AM
Like to shoot with the iPhone? Do not just aim and snap away. With a number of tips, activities of s...
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Other Facts Behind Iconic Photos 'Afghan Girl'

Posted by | 1:00 AM
Who would have thought , that the iconic Afghan Girl photo is not selected turns almost int...
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Story Behind The Best World Press Photo 2014

Posted by | 1:00 AM
Prestigious event photography news , World Press Photo 2014, has given birth to a winner . Ph...
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This is World's First Selfie Photo

Posted by | 1:00 AM
Selfie or photograph themselves are trendy as the popularity of smartphones . Sure it has sin...
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Tips to Make a Cool Family Photos

Posted by | 7:46 AM
Typically, the middle of the photo are not evenly sharp as the lens aperture is too large, try using...
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NX Mini, Mirrorless Camera for Selfie Lover

Posted by | 1:57 PM
Selfie trend is not only popular in the mobile segment. Camera manufacturers have also started makin...

Lytro Illum, Multi Dimensional Camera

Posted by | 2:18 PM
Two years ago, Lytro announced a digital camera with LightField technology. With this technology, th...