Sunday, November 10, 2013

Nokia Show Excellence 41 MP Camera

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Camera into one of the advantages offered by Nokia Lumia series in 1020 at the latest . And recently they released an ad featuring the performance of the camera is embedded in the smartphone , such as quoted by WPCentral , Monday ( 08/12/2013 ) .

Ad duration 1 minute 45 seconds in question invites visitors to see what 's going on in 1020 when user starts Lumia push the shutter button ( shutter button ) .

Through animation in the video " Behind the Lens of a 41MP Nokia Lumia 1020 " is shown on how the light falls on the first internal components are then forwarded to the mobile circuit until the final result shown in PureMotion HD + display . Not escape visitors are also invited to see how the performance image stabilization system which is owned by Nokia .

Nokia Lumia 1020 was released last July . With a powerful 41MP camera sensor , the phone is capable of producing images sized 38MP and 34MP , depending on the aspect ratio used ( 4:3 or 16:9 ) .

The camera on the Nokia mobile phones simultaneously produces images sized pixels 5MP compaction results . The 5MP photo , because it has the information obtained from the 41MP sensor , the resulting image quality was better than the 5MP sensor ' normal ' .

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Vivo , Mobile Phone with Camera Nikon Can Rotate

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Vivo , Chinese mobile phone makers trying to persuade us to reminisce with working on a smartphone that has a rotating camera . Not just made ​​unique design , special technology to immerse Nikon cameras .

Camera model that can be rotated 360 degrees in the phone like this , reminiscent of rows of N - series Nokia . Phones like N90 , N93 and N93i , Nokia was popular and catapulted as a creator of innovative mobile phone camera .

Vivo try again to bring the unique design of camera phones with this one product . Nikon took the hero is in the realm of the camera, this phone brings 20 -megapixel camera with a sensor 1/1 , 7 inch and lens aperture F2.0 .

Embedded chip called EXPEED professional SLR E1 - 158 1051 200 M on the camera . Not explained what the advantages gained by the presence of the chip . Clearly , it seems it would be fun to wear a smartphone with a camera Nikon

Some photos leaked this phone was already widely circulated . Unfortunately , as quoted from Into Mobile , Friday ( 10/18/2013 ) , is not known when this phone will be released officially .

Detail specifications of this phone has not been revealed . Vivo itself did not want to say much about the product , including the matter of price and availability .

Friday, November 8, 2013

Nikon Mirrorless Camera Full Frame ?

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After Sony's breakthrough release mirrorless camera with a full frame sensor , similar measures will also reportedly made ​​by Nikon .

Nikon reportedly ready to heat up competition with devices that seem to be dubbed a full - frame camera mirrorless hybrid . NikonRumors , as quoted on Friday ( 10/25/2013 ) Nikon DF believe is his name .

DF could be an extension of Digital Fusion . Because it is still a rumor , the information was still minimal .

Nikon DF forecast to wear the same AF system with Nikon D610 and 39 - point displays . Besides having a full frame sensor , this camera is also predicted to have a design with a retro style that reminds the public to the series Nikon FM2 .

If the above rumor proves true, then the full frame sensor will increasingly be found in many compact size camera . As is known , previously Sony already do this step with the duo debuted a Sony A7 and A7R . Not yet known when Nikon will really bring DF to the market

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Sony Release Duet Full Frame Mirrorless Camera First in the World

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Full frame cameras are no longer identical camera belonging ' bongsor ' . Sony , once again proving that with the release of FF cameras are packed in lensnya interchangeable mirrorless camera body . Not just one , on this occasion, Sony menggeber two cameras at once .

Is Alpha 7 and Alpha 7R ( Sony NEX no longer wear brand here ) who was ordained a FF mirrorless camera in the world premiere . What about specifics?

Alpha 7 ( A7 ) equipped with a 24.3 MP CMOS sensor . Meanwhile , A7R equipped with 36.3 MP sensor without the presence of a low-pass filter that can produce sharper photos .

A7 which is lower resolution , intentionally brought Sony to be able to maximize the presence of hybrid systems autofocusnya , quoted by CNET , Wednesday ( 10/16/2013 ) .

Both use X BIONZ processor that allows the camera to get a photo of 14 - bit RAW and ISO up to 25,600 . For lenses , both wearing E - mount .

This deadly duo comes with a price that is not cheap so the quality was no doubt about his physical . Sony work on the magnesium alloy which is claimed to ward off dust and moisture .

Both A7 and A7R has a size slightly larger than the other ranks of the Sony NEX . You could say , here belongs display combines Sony NEX - 7 and RX - 1 .

Remaining in continuous mode , Sony A7 able to shoot 5fps and 1080p video capture at 60 or 24 fps . Being able to finish shots A7R 4 fps .

Both models have a tilt 3 -inch LCD with a resolution of 1.23 million dots on the back of the OLED viewfinder and a super clear 2.4 million points . There is also WiFi and NFC for easy transfer of photos .

Sony says that the A7 is a DSLR or an alternative for those who want to move from a pocket camera . A7R while targeting professionals .

Regarding the price , Sony A7 is priced at USD 1,999 with the kit lens then labeled 7R USD 2,299 . Previously , Sony also gave birth to a full frame camera in a compact body in series RX - 1 .

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Auctioned ! Rare Camera , Leica Gold Plated

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If Leica camera output standard version is already fairly expensive, how about a special edition rare nan . Moreover, this rare camera gold plated and produced only four units. No one can guess the price ?

Leica Camera is touted to be one of the most expensive cameras . Outside material made of gold , Leica Luxus II is also included in the list of most rare device camera . How not , the manufacturers only make this series Leica four units. Produced in 1932 , the camera is often used by their owners after World War II .

Experts believe the camera , this camera is designed for a specific consumer , given the gold plating and casing made ​​from crocodile skin . They also predicted that this camera will be sold at very looming , considering the Leica charm of its own that never cracked .

Marc Allum , antiques expert also expressed his opinion . " Leica often make special edition . And this is one of the four units were produced , and there is likely to be one of the world's rarest Leica , " he said .

As quoted from the Telegraph , Monday ( 28/10/2013 ) , Luxus Leica II camera is scheduled to be released by auction house Bonham on 22 November 2013 in Hong Kong .

" We never sell in numbers Leica camera 625 thousand pounds, and that's just one of the 95 units . From the point of view of the collector , I would be disappointed if the auction camera ( Leica Luxus II ) was not able to break 1 million poundtsterling , " said Jon Baddeley , Managing Director of Bonham .
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